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This flattering silhouette suits most figures and is great for emphasising a small waist. Pear-shaped brides will love how slimming it is on the hips,too.

  • 1. Flattering silhouette
  • 2. Suits most figures
  • 3. Gentle unbroken line from the bust to the floor
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Generally corseted with a full skirt, ball gown-style wedding dresses are great for creating an hourglass silhouette that nips in at the waist.

  • 1. Corseted with a full skirt
  • 2. Hourglass silhouette
  • 3. Nips in at the waist
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If you've got an athletic build, a figure-skimming sheath dress is ultra-flattering. The sleek lines show off a lean physique and it's an especially good look for taller brides

  • 1. Great for a Bride with an athletic build
  • 2. The shape is figure-skimming
  • 3. Good look for taller brides
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The Fishtail silhouette, also known as the Mermaid silhouette, is defined by the style of skirt. It follows the shape of the hourglass body shape, fitting the body all the way down to the knee, where it flares out to the hem line, just like the tail of a mermaid or fish. It is fitted to the bust, waist, hips and thighs. Fishtail dresses can be worn with a special fishtail-style hoop, to help hold the shape of the dress and to keep the underskirt away from the bride’s legs.

  • 1. Hourglass body shape
  • 2. Fits all the way down to the knee
  • 3. Flares out to the hem line
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The Slim A-Line dress gets its name from the outline or silhouette of the dress, as it follows the shape of the letter ‘A’. It tends to be fitted around the bodice and flares out from the natural waist line to the hem, as the letter’s shape suggests. A Slim A-Line dress flatters the natural waist, as it pulls in on the waist line and then flares out. This skims over the hips and keeps the bust and hips in proportion, through the use of a structured bodice.

  • 1. Flattering silhouette
  • 2. Suits most figures
  • 3. Flares out from the natural waist
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This style closely hugs the body through the bodice and at the hip flares gracefully away

  • 1. Closely hugs the body
  • 2. Flares gracefully away
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Fitted, full-length panels of fabric form an A-line bridal dress with no defined waistline.

  • 1. No defined waistline
  • 2. Flattering for all sizes
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Falls from the natural waistlinenatural waistline, can extend a few inches or to the hip-Elongates the body

  • 1. Natural waistline
  • 2. Elongates the body
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Natural Waist

Falls at your natural waist line can be a gathered or straight - Minimises long torso

  • 1. Falls at your natural waist
  • 2. Minimises long torso
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